The Holland Grill


Almost three decades ago in a welding shop in North Carolina, Brad Holland changed grilling forever. As with all grills, Brad struggled with the hassle of flare-up and how to keep food from catching fire. After 12 years of hard work and extensive testing Brad solved the problem. Grilling enthusiasts and professional caterers have been enjoying the “Holland System” in backyards, on patios, in campgrounds and tailgate parties since 1988. The “Holland System” is a patented, ingenious system of heat control guards and a sizzle tray that prevent flare-ups. Simply close the lid and cook by time. Flare-ups have been eliminated, and best of all, it’s guaranteed! Grill, steam, or smoke and bake on your new Holland Grill today!

People often ask, ‘what makes the Holland Grill different and why should I buy one?’ The difference is inside. Holland’s unique, indirect cooking system gives you moist, juicy food–all without the hassle of flare-ups! After almost 30 years of building and selling our amazing grill, we’ve narrowed it down to 4 Points of Interest. They are the answer to Why should you buy a Holland Grill.

  1. NO FLAREUPS–we’ve all been there. The phone rings, we step away from the grill and the next thing you know the food is on fire. Grab the garden hose, put out the fire and try to salvage those charred chops. That won’t happen with The Holland Grill–we guarantee it!
  2. MADE IN AMERICA–it’s true that the majority of grills are made in China or elsewhere in some foreign country. But we still make our full size grills right here in America, in a small town called Warrenton, GA. Steel comes in one side of the building in large rolls and leaves the other side in a box as a Holland Grill.
  3. DELICIOUS FOOD–isn’t that why you buy a grill? to get that awesome outdoor flavor while enjoying the outdoors? No grill on the market–charcoal, pellet or gas–cooks food more easily, more hassle-free and more delicious than the Holland Grill each and every time.
  4. EASY TO USE–Mr. Holland wanted his grill to be hassle-free and easy to use. It is. No temperature settings to worry about; no flareups to ruin your party. Just turn it on and put the food on the grill. That’s it. Easy.

If these 4 points aren’t enough, read on for more hard facts.

Additional Information

  • Holland’s signature smoke stacks help pull air into the grill where it is heated and circulated much like a convection oven. They also allow enough heat to escape to maintain a constant temperature in Holland’s hassle-free one-temperature setting.
  • The stainless steel cooking grid will last a lifetime, is easy to clean and its diamond-shaped pattern prevents small food items from falling through.
  • The rust-free aluminum sizzle tray catches the juices from the food where they sizzle and smoke back up on the food, giving it that distinctive Holland-Grill flavor. There’s no charcoal, lava rock, ceramic tiles, etc. to clean. The drip pan slopes slightly to channel all the excess grease down a 3/4″ drain pipe and away from the flame.
  • A stainless steel deflector plate spreads the flame out so that you have a relatively even heating pattern.
  • The heart of it all–Holland’s cast-iron burner is guaranteed for the life of the grill. No more replacing rusted out burners every year! Now that’s hassle-free.

Holland Companion Tabletop Grill

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