The Garden Center at Ace of Gray is your destination for plants, with two Horticulture, one Landscape Architecture Degree and over 25 years of experience, General Manager Christopher Davis and Nursery Manager Kelly, can help you realize that perfect Backyard Oasis. We pride ourselves on offering you the newest and highest quality plants available. The Garden Center at Ace of Gray carries a vast selection of plants, from Fruiting trees & shrubs to Annuals & Perennials and we are always looking for more. Please come and let one of us help you get started on that much need Backyard Oasis.


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Annual Assorted Color Bowls

Assorted Annuals

  • 4″ Assorted Annuals  Sku: 715000
  • 4pk Assorted Annuals Sku: 710055
  • Gallon Assorted Annuals Sku: 714786
  • Gallon Assorted Annuals Sku: 714788
  • Quart Assorted Annuals Sku: 715020

Assorted Perennials

  • Gallon Assorted Perennials 714568
  • Gallon Assorted Perennials 719942
  • 3 Gallon Assorted Perennials 714590

Bonnie Vegetable Plants

  • Gallon Vegetable Bonnie Sku: 712005
  • 4.5″ Assorted Vegetable Bonnie Sku: 712010
  • 6pk Vegetable Bonnie Sku: 712011
  • 10″ Black Pot Vegetable Bonnie Sku: 717821

Hanging Baskets

  • 11″ Hanging Baskets Sku: 711712
  • Coco Liner 14″ Hanging Baskets sku: 715548

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