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Lumber and wood trim are essential materials for countless construction and renovation projects, providing both the solid skeleton of a structure and the decorative top layer of the finished result. Our lumber and trim supplies department contains all the products you need for your next project, big or small.

What’s the Difference Between Lumber and Wood Trim?

Essentially, lumber is the bare-bones kind of wood that forms the basis of a construction project. Although it’s often cut to size and pressure treated to increase strength and rot resistance, lumber usually has no decorative function. It’s the wood you need to get the job done.

Wood trim, on the other hand, is more often used in a visible area of building work, such as covering the exterior of a home, around windows and doors, and on interior walls. It’s most often used to cover up edges and gaps, and to give a more attractive appearance over the top of the underlying construction.

Lumber and Wood Trim Selections

Within the basic categories of lumber and trim there are many more specific types of wood products Ace supplies to help with your construction tasks. Here are some of our most popular lumber and wood trim departments.


Molding is used to cover parts of a building where one material meets another, making the appearance neat and covering up any gaps. Using molding to blend door or window frames into a wall, or to make a smooth transition from wall to ceiling.

Wood Baseboard and Skirting

Wood baseboard, also known as base or skirting, is a specific kind of molding used to cover the join between a wall and a floor. We stock regular unfinished wood base as well as products with adhesive backs for easy fitting.

Corner Beads

As the name suggests, corner beads are placed where two walls meet, or where a wall meets a ceiling, to give a clean angle and a professional finish. They can also provide added support.


A wood dowel is a cylindrical rod that’s used to connect pieces of lumber together. From brands like Alexandria Moulding and Wolfcraft, dowels are available in large-diameter sizes suitable for construction work and carpentry, or smaller sizes for cabinet making, shelf building and other similar projects.


Wood shims are a straightforward way of making window and door frames fit smoothly to a wall without an angle. Cut to a wedge shape, they can be gently hammered into a slot or gap to fill it and bring a frame flush to its surface.

Shop Quality Lumber and Wood Trim at Ace Hardware

Whichever kind of pine lumber, trim or other wood construction supplies you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Ace. Our building supplies department also includes ladders, concrete, tarp and more to help you get the job done. Make sure to also stock up on the nails and staples you need to put your project together.

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