Ace Hardware of Gray has Corkcicle Canteens and Tumblers now in stock! Ask us about customizing yours with a vinyl monogram. Starting at $3 for a solid color and $5 for Lilly inspired vinyl.



Steel 12oz.

Matte Black 12oz.

Gunmetal 12oz.

White 12oz.

Turquoise 12oz.

Rose Quartz 12oz.

Merlot 12oz.

Copper 12oz.






Black 16oz.

Biscay Bay 16oz.

Caribbean Green 16oz.

Graphite 16oz.

Pink 16oz.

White 16oz.






White 24oz.

Black 24oz.

Biscay Bay 24oz.

Carribean Green 24oz.

Graphite 24oz.

Pink 24oz.







Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust Stemless

Pixie Dust 16 oz. Canteen

Pixie Dust 25oz. Canteen

Pixie Dust 16oz Tumbler

Pixie Dust 24oz. Tumbler







Unicorn Magic

Unicorn Stemless

Unicorn 16oz. Canteen

Unicorn 25oz. Canteen

Unicorn 16oz. Tumbler

Unicorn 24oz. Tumbler