Indoor gardening in the winter

Indoor gardening Winter can take its toll – the long nights, cool temperatures, and hours spent inside can make a few months feel like an eternity. When it’s too chilly to step outside, bring nature to you with creative container gardening that’s sure to lift even the darkest of winter spirits.

One of the hardest parts about staying indoors is missing out on fresh air. Even with regular cleaning, stale air can become hazardous to your health and make those winter blues even worse. Luckily, bringing in just a few of these colorful houseplants can help to improve your air quality almost effortlessly. Aloe and Spider Plants are easy to care for and filter out formaldehyde and other dangerous by-products of paints and chemical cleaners. Affordable and low maintenance, houseplants are one of the best ways to ensure your air quality is at its best all year long.

If you’re looking for a trendy way to invite nature into your home, experiment with creating your own succulent pot or terrarium. With hundreds of plants to choose from, you can create attractive indoor gardens that fit any budget and space. Whether you want to nurture orchids or admire bonsai, delicate terrariums bring life and color into your home.

Sick of all that cold and gray? Chase winter away with beautiful blooming houseplants in every color imaginable. These diverse blossoms have all the vibrancy of an outdoor garden but in a convenient indoor package. Horticultural experts at Ace of Grey can help you choose plants best suited to your lifestyle, to ensure your plants are always thriving.

This winter, avoid the blues by bringing nature to you. Colorful houseplants and container gardening help keep your air clean and your home bright, and keep nature beside you all year long