5 Fast and Effective Home Improvement Projects

The world is constantly overflowing with fresh home improvement projects. In the world of Pinterest, google, and your awesome landscaper friend’s Facebook page, it’s easy to get swept up in DIY projects for the home and garden. Sometimes you need to take a step back and tackle the basics. Whether you’re moving, remodeling, or just catching up on home improvement now that the kids are back in school, take a few hours to cross these 5 “anytime” home improvement projects off your list.

  1. decorative string lights - grayFix your front door. Freshen up the entrance to your home with a fresh coat of paint and oil for the hinges. Is your door weather-beaten from years of facing the elements? Replace it for an instant home facelift.
  2. Tend the garden. Speaking of exterior facelifts, a few quick, simple updates to your landscape can revitalize a dreary home. Lay fresh sod or overseed patchy grass, line the house with bright bushes, and place flowering planters on the front porch.
  3. Update your windows. The eyes may be the window to the soul, but actual windows can tell you a lot about a home. Newer windows are less cloudy, more energy efficient, and easier to upkeep than older ones. If you’re not ready to invest in new panes, fill in worn places with fresh caulk and buy lined curtains to keep the outside air out.
  4. A few simple fixes. A kitchen renovation or bathroom remodel costs tens of thousands of dollars, but a few simple fixes can revitalize the home. Add elegant mirrors to make rooms look bigger, paint the walls for a burst of color, and replace inexpensive fixtures like faucets and cabinet knobs.
  5. Light it up. Why bother remodeling your home if you can’t see the improvements? Illuminate your home’s best features with new lights. Install outdoor lighting on the porch and in the garden, switch outdated fixtures for contemporary ones, and replace dim light bulbs with long-lasting, energy efficient LED lights.

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photo from flickr