Expression through Flowers with Ace of Gray

Flower Arrangement

They are beautiful, they smell lovely and they can convey feelings that we often can’t find the words to express. Flowers make everything better. A simple bouquet can light up a drab room and help heal a broken heart. In short, there is real power in the flower.

You might know us at Ace of Gray for our hardware expertise or our huge selection of outdoor décor, sporting goods and power equipment. However, did you know that we also specialize in beautiful flower arrangements for all occasions?

Our friendly team can help you choose the right arrangement and color scheme for any occasion!

The Right Flowers for the Right Occasion

When you send a flower arrangement, it’s important that you choose the right combination for the occasion. Whether you’re celebrating the birth of a precious baby or memorializing an old friend, we will make sure that your arrangement is put together in an appropriate way.

Endless Color Choices

The wonderful thing about flowers is their vast range of natural colors. From bright red roses and pink carnations to white lilies and callas, blending the color palate of your arrangement is a great way to show you care no matter the occasion.

Create the Perfect Arrangement

At Ace of Gray in Gray, Georgia, we can help you put together the perfect bouquet for any occasion. Stop by or give us a call at 478-986-9200 to find out more about how our florists can help you today!

Tips for a Blossoming DIY Container Garden

From old boots and tool boxes to discarded pallets and paint cans, DIY container gardens can be made out of just about anything. The only limit is your creativity! If you are thinking about sprucing up your yard with a homemade container garden, there are a few tips and tricks that can help make your project a green-thumbed success.

Container Garden DIY

Choosing the Right Flowers or Vegetables

Georgia can get hot in the summer months, so making sure you choose the right flowers and plants for your garden is key. At Ace of Gray, our garden center specializes in beautiful flowers like Black-Eyed Susans, California Poppies and Sunflowers, all of which do well in Georgia’s hot and humid summer climate.

What You’ll Need

Container Gardens are extremely popular these days, and rightly so! They are easy to make, they take advantage of existing materials that would otherwise be thrown in the trash and they are a ton of fun!

Once you’ve chosen the containers you want to use and added the requisite decorations, you’ll need to make sure there are drain holes set about an inch apart throughout the bottom of your container. A simple drill and pilot bit are all you need for this.

Your plants will come in planting containers. If they are small enough to fit your decorative container, it is perfectly fine to place your flowers directly inside. Otherwise, you will need a small amount of potting soil. Fill your container with the soil, stopping about an inch from the top. Dig out a hole big enough for your plant’s root ball, place the root ball into the soil and fill in around it with more soil.

Pick Out Where Your Garden Will Go

Whether you want to hang your container garden or add it as decoration to a walkway, we have all the hardware and supplies you will need. For more tips on how to create a stunning DIY container garden for your home, give us a call or stop by Ace of Gray today!

How to Cook Up the Perfect Father’s Day Steak

Father’s Day is just weeks away, and many Moms are preparing to give their hubbies the day off from grilling duty with a Father’s Day menu that’s sure to delight his tastebuds. If you haven’t fired up the grill in a while, have no fear. Ace of Gray has 6 grilling tips for Father’s Day.

How to Grill the Perfect Steak

The man in your life may love a new pair of Costas, dependable power equipment, or a Tervis tumbler for his morning coffee. Whatever Dad loves to do, there’s one thing that’s the perfect complement to his Father’s Day gift: a juicy steak. Whether you’re ready to rise to the position of Grill Queen or you’re teaching your kid to be the house’s next Grill Master, your steak is sure to impress with these tips:

  1. raw steak ready to grillStart with a great steak. It’s Father’s Day! Dad deserves the best.
  2. Make it hot. If your grill isn’t piping hot before you start cooking, your steak will stick to the grate. Clean the grill before firing it up, and give it a full 15 to 20 minutes to preheat.
  3. Skip the marinade. Veins of marbling in ribeyes, porterhouses, and t-bone steaks make the steak juicy enough on its own. Marinating may actually dry out the meat once you drop it on the grill. If you picked up a flank steak or strip steak, marinate away!
  4. Drop the temperature. If you’re working with a thick steak (1 inch or thicker), start with high heat and reduce the temperature to ensure even cooking.
  5. Let it rest. Just like Dad, steaks deserve a break. After you take them off the grill, let steaks sit for 5-10 minutes before dishing up dinner.

To get a great steak, you need a great grill. Surprise Dad with a new electric grill, charcoal grill, or Big Green Egg smoker for Father’s Day. Ace of Gray has the grills, accessories, and rubs you need to make a delicious meal every time.

A Powerful Father’s Day Gift

Ace of Gray is the home to all of your Father’s Day ideas and shopping. This blog is all about the dads in your home. If you are confused about what to get him, you have come to the right place! Let’s highlight some of your dad’s favorite things and show you how we can help you find them!

Great Power Tools

Power Tools

Every father loves power tools and the projects associated with them. Let’s face it…dads love having power. At Ace we have all of your power tool needs! From drills to blowers to lawn mowers, we have it all. Search our site to see all of our power tool offerings. A creative gift idea here would be to think of a project you could benefit from. If you would like a gazebo in your lawn, purchase the power tools needed to make it, and print out the gazebo plans. Check this website to see some ideas. Wrap it all up in a gift basket and make Dad happy!


Let’s assume your dad has all of the power tools he needs. Let’s help you get him something to use them on! Many dads enjoy woodworking because it is the gift that keeps on giving. We provide both the tools and the materials necessary to craft simple, practical, or elegant pieces (or one that’s a bit of all three!).

Sporting Goods

If your dad is more of an adventurer, this section is for you. We offer all of the best accessories and supplies including clothing & footwear, coolers, and eyewear.

Hopefully we have been and will continue to be helpful in your Father’s Day shopping. Remember to visit our website and contact us if you need help finding the perfect gift for Dad!

Explore Our Lawn Mower Options

As the summer quickly approaches, you run into quite the predicament. The sun gets hotter and your grass gets longer. An easy solution would be just to cut it, but at Ace of Gray, we want to give you some pointers on ways to stay cool and get it done both quickly and efficiently.

Mowing a Beautiful Lawn

  • Our first recommendation would be to use a riding lawn mower. A riding lawn mower will help you conserve energy as opposed to walking and pushing. It will also help you move faster and perform more accurate turns, which will result in a better-looking lawn.
  • Figure out a way to mow while under an umbrella or other structure. There are some mowers that come with an attachment to shield the sun. If that is not the case with your mower, see how to construct a canopy on your lawn mower.
  • Dress in comfortable, breathable clothing. You will not want to wear heavy clothes while mowing because it will raise your body temperature causing you to overheat. Pairing an umbrella with cool clothing will definitely help keep your body temperature down.
  • To mow more quickly, have a pre-determined route you will take while on your mower. This will help your lawn look neat and will help you move quicker!

Take a look at the lawn mowers we offer at Ace. We have a few new models in stock that should be very helpful in making your lawn look incredible! As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

How the Big Green Egg will Change Your Life

Unless you’re friends with only vegetarians, you’ve probably heard the Big Green Egg hype from someone you know. This ceramic smoker can bake, grill, and smoke your dinner to perfection, giving you succulent, tender meat packed full of flavor. It’s easy to use, and versatile enough to anything from breads and desserts to fresh veggies for those vegetarian friends of yours. Still not convinced? Here are 4 ways the Big Green Egg will change your life.

    1. shish kebabVersatility. Do you want to invest in an outdoor oven? A grill? A smoker? With the Big Green Egg, you don’t have to choose! Seamlessly switch between cooking fresh, spiced vegetables and pie for dessert. Prepare oven-baked pizza with sausage you ground and smoked yourself.
    2. Flavor. Seriously, we can’t stress this enough. If you think slow cooked meals are overrated, all you need to do is stop by the Heart of Georgia Eggfest on June 3rd. With all the delectable treats cooked up by local Egg gurus, your tastebuds will soon be begging to take home a discounted Demo Egg.
    3. Endless options. It wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t warn you: an Egg may be simple to use, but with so many delicious possibilities, you won’t be able to help yourself from snagging recipes from your neighbors, searching for meals on Pinterest, and camping out on BGE forums to snag details on the tastiest summer dishes.
    4. Year-round use. Many people dismiss grills as “summer only” equipment, but you can fire up the Big Green Egg anytime. Transform the holidays with smoked Thanksgiving turkey or a slow cooked holiday ham. Your family gatherings will never be the same!

Visit Ace of Gray and transform the way you cook with Big Green Eggs, Eggcessories, and the best sauces and rubs.

Ahh, This Is the Life

Are you ready to kick back and relax? The right gear can help. Have your best summer yet with these summer living essentials from Ace of Gray.

5 Summer Living Essentials

You never know where the summer will take you. Be prepared for any adventure with these Southern summer essentials.

  1. camping couple silhouetteYeti coolers. Wherever you go, Yeti will keep your drinks cold, your food fresh, and your friends satisfied. Pack the cooler with burgers for a camping trip, level up your tailgate with glazed shrimp, or relax in the backyard with drinks on hand.
  2. Tervis tumblers. Refill as you go! Tervis tumblers are the summer essential if you don’t want to lug around a cooler. They’ll keep your coffee hot, your iced tea cold, and Summer You happy on the beach or at the lake. They also make great glassware for family parties. Because they’re made of durable, insulated plastic, you don’t need to worry about kids accidentally breaking them.
  3. Outdoor decor. You’re going to do a lot of lounging. Transform your outdoor living space with a few seasonal touches, from stylish and soft outdoor rugs to collegiate decor to show off your team pride.
  4. Big green egg. In the South, how you prep your meat is a big deal. After all, Georgians will use any excuse to throw a cookout! Fire up the Big Green Egg and experiment with your best recipes for the Heart of Georgia Eggfest on June 3rd. Don’t own a smoker? You can buy a brand new Egg (used only once during the festival) after Eggfest at a major discount.
  5. Rental equipment. Don’t waste your vacation fund on household projects and lawn upkeep. Ace of Gray has a full array of rental equipment available for summer projects. Just stop by and tell us how long you need it, and you’re on your way.

To find these items and more, visit the outdoor living center at Ace of Gray.

Dig into Gardening with These Essential Tools

April showers may bring May flowers, but they need a little help. That’s where you come in! A few afternoons of planting and tending to spring garden will have big returns as the season progresses. But if you’re new to the gardening game, what do you need to get started?

7 Essential Gardening Tools

  1. gardening toolsScissors. Scissors are one of those tools you can use anywhere. In the garden they’re great for snipping herbs, deadheading flowers, and opening bags of fertilizer. Get a heavy-duty pair with a comfortable grip.
  2. A soil knife. Serrated edges makes soil knives indispensable in the garden. Can’t get the right angle with your scissors or pruning tool? A soil knife can hack through weeds, roots, and woody stems.
  3. Pruning shears. Scissors and soil knives have their place, but nothing beats the sharp force of pruning shears when cutting back woody plants. They allow gardeners to make a clean, angled cut when shaping trees and shrubs.
  4. Weeders. Don’t give weeds a fighting chance. A weeder is an essential gardening tool because it helps you pry up crabgrass and weeds with taproots. Get rid of the whole plant, and you won’t need to worry about it growing back.
  5. A shovel. Scooping, digging, tossing fertilizer . . . a good shovel does it all! But not all shovels are created equal. Before snagging the first one you see, test it. You’ll want a shovel that’s comfortable in your hands, doesn’t strain your back, and has a blade that’s angled for maximum power.
  6. A hose. In the best of times, nature takes care of watering your plants. But Georgia summers are scorchers, so you’ll want a hose with a nozzle that allows you to spray just the right amount of water onto your plants.
  7. A rake. Instead of investing in a big fan rake, look for something smaller. Fan rakes are great for leaves, but shrub rakes fit into tighter spaces, making them indispensable for removing lawn debris.

Visit Ace of Gray to stock up on essential gardening equipment, building materials for raised flower beds, and colorful annuals and perennials for the spring garden.

4 Backyard Essentials for Summer

Outdoor living has come a long way since the days of foldout lawn chairs and handheld fans. Today’s outdoor entertaining areas range from poolside patios to outdoor kitchens, and each style has its own allure. But there are some outdoor living accessories that accentuate any space. Prepare your backyard for summer with these outdoor living essentials.

4 Outdoor Living Essentials

  1. outdoor furnitureFurniture. Outdoor furniture sure has come a long way. Instead of soft plastic lawn chairs that leave everyone’s legs striped red, modern outdoor furniture has all the elegance and comfort of indoor furniture. Accent your outdoor spaces with chairs, tables, and couches for maximum comfort.
  2. Landscaping. Bursts of bright flowers may paint a pretty picture, but landscaping can be functional as well as beautiful. Plant insect-repelling perennials for an outdoor entertaining area that’s as cozy as it is attractive.
  3. Decor. Give your outdoor spaces some personality. At Ace of Gray, we carry a wide range of outdoor decor to transform your lawn and patio. Accessorize your outdoor spaces with an attractive new bird bath, garden ornaments, weather-resistant throw-pillows, or collegiate gear to show off your team spirit.
  4. Grills and grub. No outdoor entertaining area would be complete without an electric grill, charcoal grill, or wood smoker. Delight your guests’ taste buds with succulent meats slow-cooked while you relax outside. We have a full range of grills and grilling accessories, as well as savory sauces and rubs to take your grilling to the next level.

Transform the way you see outdoor living. Visit Ace of Gray for grills, gear, and outdoor decor.

Simple Ways to Lead a Greener Life

April 22nd is Earth Day, an annual holiday for teaching people to protect the environment. There are countless ways for people to get involved, from sharing literature about environmental safety to making changes in their everyday lives. But let’s be real, no one wants to sell all their possessions and go live in a yurt. Go green (without going crazy) with these sustainability tips from Ace of Gray.

5 Easy Ways to Go Green

  1. Stop getting junk mail. What’s this? A way to save the environment and your sanity? Unfortunately it’s hard to eliminate junk mail entirely (there’s just so much of it!), but you can reduce the amount of ads junking up your mailbox. Contact the companies directly or sign up for a third party service that will remove your name from advertisers’ lists.
  2. water conservation conceptSwitch to reusable water bottles. Not only are sports bottles more attractive than the thin plastic water bottles you buy at the store, they’re drastically cheaper in the long run. Buy a water filtration system for your faucet, invest in a $20 filtered pitcher for the fridge, or go tap. You’ll never go back.
  3. Conserve water. Fix leaks ASAP, insulate hot water pipes, and use gray water (mostly clean wastewater from washing machines and other appliances) to water plants.
  4. Reduce gas emissions. Bonus: you’ll pay less for gas. Easy ways to make transportation eco-friendly include carpooling, keeping tires fully inflated, and making a list of errands before you leave the house so you won’t need a second trip.
  5. Reduce energy bills. Did you know that you can schedule an energy audit to see where electricity is being wasted in your home? Other easy ways to conserve energy include using energy-efficient light bulbs, relying on natural lighting, turning off the lights and thermostat when you’re not home, and only washing full loads of laundry and dishes.

Need more tips on going green? Visit Ace of Gray.