Get Your Mowers Ready for Spring

mowermowerThere’s nothing worse than a lawn mower that’s on its last legs. The endless battle to get it started and keep it running is bad enough, but mowers with dull blades and grinding gears wreak havoc on your yard. Poorly maintained lawn mowers tear the leaves of your grass, leaving your landscape uneven and unkempt. Choose high quality landscape equipment and service your machinery in the fall and the spring to guarantee years of thick, crisply cut grass.

Toro Lawn Mowers

Ace of Gray is getting Toros! Toro lawn mowers are built to last, giving Gray homeowners gorgeous, green yards for years to come. They expertly maneuver around difficult terrain, maintaining uniform, healthy, manicured landscapes. Check out our selection of ride-mowers, push mowers, and landscaping equipment to suit any size yard.

Home Mower Maintenance

file571340421656lawn mowerIf you take care of your lawn mower, it will take care of your yard. Keep your landscape equipment running smoothly by following these simple home mower maintenance tips:

  • Follow care instructions in the mower’s manual
  • Check spark plugs, filters, and oil once a season
  • Regularly clean grass and debris from the undercarriage
  • Sharpen the blade every few months
  • Drain gasoline before storing your machine for the winter
  • Protect your mower in a storage shed or cover it with a plastic tarp

Professional Lawn Mower Servicing

The best way to keep your mower up and running is to pay attention to what the cogs are telling you. Don’t wait for it to stall before seeking professional lawn mower repair. Ace of Gray has a fully staffed servicing center for mowers and other gardening equipment. Before you fill up for spring mowing, let us fix the broken gears and waterlogged fluid compartments that could lead to bigger problems down the road.

Stop by Ace of Gray for landscaping accessories, servicing of yard equipment, and help choosing from our selection of quality lawn mowers.