Welcome to Ace of Gray!

logo.pngace diyAce of Gray isn’t just the largest Ace Hardware store in Georgia, it’s one of the top 5 in the southeast. That means moms, dads, and kids alike will love exploring our extensive selection of tools, clothes, and home project materials. We have everything from Georgia football gear to gardening gloves, keeping your family prepared no matter which project you’re tackling next.

Our Blog

Our blog is a one-stop shop, much like our hardware store! Here you’ll find product information and seasonal sales, insights into the industry, and cool project ideas with the DIY know-how to accomplish them in style. We’ll share customer stories and introduce members of our Gray, Georgia team. You’ll find holiday decorating tips and bird’s eye views of renovation projects. Swing by for the latest on hardware, home, and holiday!

Our Social

Ace Hardware of Gray isn’t just a great store with a fun, easy to navigate website: we’re active on social media, too! If you want store updates, current sales, and fun daily blurbs, make sure to follow, fan, and +1 us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. And make sure to check our blog for weekly tips, projects, and glimpses into our Gray hardware world.

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