3 Tips for Creating Summer Curb Appeal

Curb appeal can transform your home, taking that fading paint and well-loved front porch from “worn” to “wow!” in an instant. Outdoor transformations are often the missing piece, whether you’re fixing up the house for summer guests or trying to increase property value for a home sale. But how can you update the great outdoors without creating an eyesore? Ace of Gray offers our 3 Best Tips for Creating Summer Curb Appeal.

How to Create Summer Curb Appeal

  1. Clean up. Before you can transform your outdoor spaces, take stock of what’s not working. Trim wild bushes, uproot dead flowers, and reorganize the tool shed. It helps to find a partner who can offer unbiased opinions about the state of your landscape. (That means a friend or neighbor, not just your spouse). Sketch a quick blueprint of your yard and determine what’s too boring, what’s too busy, and what’s just right.
  2. garden decor - bloom onColor up. There are two major ways to fail when adding color for curb appeal: adding too much and not adding enough. Balance your landscape with rich green shade trees, vivid flowers, and woody bases that look great whether they’re bare or blooming.
  3. Back to basics. It’s easy to get swept up in what’s currently blooming, but it won’t be warm forever. As you plant fresh perennials, tend ornamental trees, and dig out a bed for a summer vegetable garden, don’t forget to plant trees and shrubs with winter appeal, too. Not sure where to start? Hardscape elements look beautiful in any season! Add a rocking chair to the porch, a stone bench to the garden, and an artsy bird bath to the backyard.

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