3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Halloween Costume

With Halloween just a little over a week away, parents in Gray are feeling the heat. Standout Halloween costumes are selling out, and it’s getting harder and harder to find your daughter’s favorite Disney princess dress at the rental shop. If you simply haven’t had the time to go Halloween shopping yet, there is hope. Find Halloween costumes for your kids with these 3 tips from Ace of Gray.

  1. Get a Rapunzel Costume at Ace of GrayGet creative. Is your son sick of being a pirate? Are you tired of reusing that same old superhero spandex year after year? There are plenty of opportunities to get creative with this year’s Halloween costumes. Feeling brave? Recreate film noir masterpieces with black and white costumes and grayscale makeup. Down to crunch time? Paint an “S” and “P” on white and black t-shirts for simple salt and pepper shaker costumes.
  2. Get involved. What’s better than one awesome Halloween costume? A festive group costume! If you’re going trick or treating with your little ones this year, keep the family together with a group costume. Go as Minions, a family stuck on a roller coaster, or Pacman and his ghostly followers.
  3. Get shopping. Not sure how to DIY a princess crown? Is spandex fabric just too hard to work with? Your favorite Gray gift center still has plenty of options left for an unforgettable Halloween costume. Whether your little princess wants to be Aurora, Rapunzel, or Snow White, we have the ball gown, accessories, and little feminine touches she needs at Ace of Gray.

Stop by the Ace of Gray costume shop and gift center for all your Halloween needs.