3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Present

Ladies Night Out officially kicks off the holidays, ushering in a season of sensational sales and great gifts. But with Thanksgiving dinner to plan, Christmas decorating to do, and so many gift options, holiday shopping can get overwhelming fast. How can you overcome the holiday hullabaloo and find the perfect present? Check out these 3 tips for giving the best gift.

How to Find the Perfect Christmas Present

  1. santa with his listPlan ahead. Planning ahead can be hard when you’ve already got so much on your plate, but it can make or break a good present. Make a list of everyone you’re shopping for this year. Note which people have requested specific presents. Filter out the people who are easy to buy for (like kids, coworkers, and best friends who share your taste in, well, everything). For the people remaining, start taking notes. Write down what they definitely don’t need, then start collecting information on items they may love. By the time the Christmas rush arrives, you’ll have a complete list to lead you to the perfect present.
  2. Keep it personal. It doesn’t matter where a gift comes from or how much it costs. It’s the thought that counts. Whether you’re DIY-ing a fun craft project for your niece or adding a handwritten note to that new rifle your husband wanted, a little personal detail is the right touch for any gift.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Thoughtful gift givers would rather relinquish their pride than have a loved one hate their gift. If you’re stumped, just ask! Even if the recipient gives you nothing to go on, they’ll know you’re thinking of them. And if they do have a Christmas wish list tucked away, they’ll be happy to let you check off one of their must-have items this year!

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Santa’s List Image from FreeDigitalPhotos