5 Ways to Make Your Home Brighter This Year

A brand new year is just over the horizon, and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve made our pacts to drink more water, eat fewer cookies, and spend more time with the people we love. But something is missing . . .

5 Home Improvement Resolutions for 2017

  1. woman painting the houseDon’t call the pros (unless it’s a specialized project). We wouldn’t recommend redoing your home electrical system unless you have some serious training, but things like fixing the garbage disposal, repairing drywall, and fixing a leaky faucet are much simpler than they appear. Save money and fix it yourself!
  2. Cut the energy bill. Double check that your HVAC system isn’t leaking air (and wasting your money). Seal any holes or cracks you find, and consider insulating your heating and cooling system. Dial back the thermostat when you’re not at home to save even more.
  3. Go big when you go home. Even if you live in a tiny house or apartment, you can make a small home feel spacious with a few simple interior design tricks.
  4. Don’t delay. We’ve all been there. “I’ll do it tomorrow” turns into “I’ll do it next week,” and soon your critter problem is out of control. Don’t delay on important home improvement projects this year. You’d be surprised at how much money and stress you save.
  5. Grab a coat and go outside. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you’re stuck inside. Use this opportunity to build a backyard fire pit or finish those deck renovations you started last summer.

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