5 Ways to Support Your Team this Fall

Living in the South means three things: you can’t badmouth sweet tea, “y’all” is an essential part of your vocabulary, and the second it’s September, your life transforms into a tribute to all things SEC. Whether you’re a football fanatic or a casual fan, now is the time to show off your team pride. Survive (and thrive) this football season with our 5 college football essentials for fall.

5 Commandments of a Football-Friendly Home

  1. Thou shalt display team pride. Whether it’s UGA flags in the yard, Clemson orange on the car, or Roll Tide burlees on the door, Ace of Gray has a fully stocked college football decor section to keep your home looking great for football season.
  2. Thou shalt come prepared for a tailgate. You never know when your buddies will forget the cooler. Keep your Yeti stocked and ready to go, so you’re never without drinks, burgers, and hot dogs on game day. Keep your SEC logo Tervis collection packed and ready to roll for all your football season needs.
  3. uga girls' dressThou shalt dress the part. We don’t just stock team t-shirts. Ace of Gray has college football onesies, dresses, sweaters, bags, and more. Come shopping before the big game or pick out one or two team spirit essentials so you’re ready to go, rain or shine.
  4. Thou shalt be photo-ready. Grab your selfie sticks and hashtag your school pride. SEC football is about coming together and supporting your players. Besides, what Facebook friends wouldn’t want to see your Happy Everything football tray complete with team flags on toothpicks?

  5. Thou shalt have fun! Football is about friends, food, and team spirit. Watch the game at home, attend a viewing party, or tailgate with half the state at the next big game. As long as you’re having a blast, there’s no wrong way to watch football.

It’s game time! Stock up on college football season essentials at Ace of Gray.