Ace of Gray Gives Thanks

It’s that time again! Thanksgiving arrives this week with a rush of warmth, love, and delicious smells. It’s a reminder of all we’re blessed with, from daily joys like our families and friends to unusual acts of kindness we witness in the community. Here are 5 things we’re grateful for this Thanksgiving!

4 Things to Celebrate this Thanksgiving

  1. thanksgivingOur friends and family. Whether we’re traveling for the holidays or staying in Gray, there’s nothing like the feeling of coming home for the holidays. We can’t wait to see aunts, uncles, and cousins; break out great-grandma’s award-winning Thanksgiving casserole; and smooth old rivalries by cheering together for our favorite NFL teams!
  2. The Gray community. We’re blessed with jobs that help us get to know the amazing people in Gray, GA. This holiday season, we’re so grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you for your friendship, your desire to learn, your love for the community, and your never ending desire to better the world you live in.
  3. Our pets. What could be better than an entire day at home to play with our favorite pets? Four-legged friends are every bit as much as the family as the second-cousin who finally showed up for dinner this year (shh, don’t tell grandma). We’re so thankful for the chance to spoil our furry friends for the holidays.
  4. The season to come. One of our favorite things about Thanksgiving is the knowledge that the holidays are just getting started. After we’ve slept off Thursday’s turkey coma, we get to dive headlong into holiday cheer! And if there’s one thing Ace of Gray loves, it’s the holiday season. Join us in making seasons bright with great gifts, gorgeous decor, and a spirit of merriment this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the folks in Gray! We pray you have a blessed holiday!