Choosing the Perfect Home Paint Color

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(Image: Pinterest)

At Ace of Gray, we know selecting paint colors for you home can seem like an easy decision, and it should be, but if you want a color that you’re going to love for a while instead of being sick of in a year… choosing the best color for you is crucial. Check out these quick tips to selecting the perfect color to paint your home.  

Be Yourself. When selecting a color to paint your home, follow your heart. You already know what colors you tend to favor before the selection process. Don’t sway from that, because you’ll probably regret the color change in a few months.

Be colorful. Stir clear of dark and dull colors. We are saying grab screaming yellow or neon green, but we don’t suggested selecting dark or colors that can easily appear to be dirty.

Stick with the color scheme. Select two or three colors you’d like to have around the home. One color for the base and another for the accent. This will avoid you having too many colors around the house.

Following these quick steps will help you select a color that you truly love. This way, hopefully, in a year you’ll still be in love with the color. This is all up to your opinion, however, we can’t make you not want to change it of course.

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