Clever Ideas for Kitchen Storage

kitchen organization - cabinetsHow many times have you reached into the cabinet for a skillet, only to have pots, pans, and lids come crashing down around you? Kitchen storage is a challenge all homeowners face, whether they have a tiny apartment or a custom-designed kitchen. Luckily Ace of Gray has a few easy DIY projects to improve kitchen storage.

Easy-Grab Cookie Trays

Do you find yourself digging through piles of trays to find the cookie sheet you need? Nobody likes horizontal storage for flat cookware, but that’s often the only option. If you don’t have a built-in tray cabinet, you can make one in a few simple steps.

  1. Visit Ace of Gray and purchase ¾ inch wooden dowels or two flat plywood boards.
  2. Measure your cabinet vertically and cut the dowels or plywood pieces to the correct height.
  3. Glue and nail in your new dividers, spacing them according to how much space you’d like for each section of your new cookie tray cabinet. If you’re using dowels as dividers, add them in both the front and the back to prevent trays from catching together.

Hanging Kitchen Storage

If you have loose lids, drawers overflowing with plastic bags, or an over-full coffee cup cabinet, hanging kitchen storage is the solution. For efficient, aesthetically pleasing coffee cup storage, add a row of hooks beneath your hanging cabinets. Space the hooks so that coffee cups can hang by their handles without touching. To sort loose lids, screw two parallel u-brackets into the door of a lower cabinet. The brackets form easy slots to store tupperware lids. You can install nails, screws, or hooks into sturdy cabinet doors to hang the lids of pots and pans. If you’re constantly digging through grocery store bags to get to the cleaning supplies, install a DIY or store-bought plastic bag holder inside the cabinet beneath your sink. Voila! Instant organization.

Looking for more quick projects to increase home storage? Stop by Ace of Gray and chat with our home improvement experts about DIY storage projects.

photo from flickr