Cooking the Gobbler on the Grill

turkeyIf you’re like most Americans, Thanksgiving dinner is a well-oiled machine. You buy the same brand of turkey year after year, cook with the same family recipe, and bake the same delicious desserts. The Thanksgiving holiday is about tradition, blessings, and spending quality time with the people you love. This year Ace of Gray is giving new traditions a try by cooking our turkeys in the best grills, cookers, and smokers on the market. What new culinary experiences will your family embark on this year?

Big Green Egg

Looking for succulent meat, crispy skin, and drippings that could add flavor to even the blandest stuffing? Smoke your Thanksgiving turkey in a Big Green Egg for a delicious twist on dinner tradition. Turkeys absorb the flavor of the smoke, so choose your wood chips wisely. Use All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal for a subtle smoky flavor, or make a seasonal sensation with apple or pecan chips.

Holland Grill

The Holland Grill simplifies Thanksgiving dinner preparation, giving you a golden brown turkey with none of the traditional fuss. Slather on your usual turkey rub or use the tasty, prepared Holland Carolina seasoning mix. Cooking on a Holland Grill eliminates the holiday stress, letting you focus on dessert, side dishes, and enjoying company of your friends and family.


There’s no better way to trick your dinner guests into thinking you’ve slaved over a Thanksgiving bird than cooking your turkey on a wood pellet grill. The Traeger accentuates your spices and seasoning with hickory, pecan, or apple wood chips, giving you a crisp, juicy turkey with a hearty smoky taste.


Weber is the go-to grill for restaurants and homeowners all over the country. Whether you’re barbequing, brining, or basting your turkey, cooking your meat on a Weber grill is a non-traditional method of achieving the same plump, tender meat you aim for each year.

Give your guests a meal to be thankful for by grilling, smoking, or slow cooking your turkey this year. Visit Ace of Gray for expert advice on outdoor cooking, sauces and seasoning, and all the best backyard accessories.

photo from flickr