Easy Fall Projects for Paint Lovers

For many people, fall is the second spring. Gardeners cultivate rich new landscapes, homeowners sort and organize for a new season, and people everywhere dive into fresh fall home improvement projects. Unfortunately, it’s hard to commit to redoing the deck or building a fire pit from scratch. If you’ve gotten fall fever, update your home in just a few hours with simple paint DIYs.

5 DIY Projects for Paint Lovers

  1. colorful painted handPaint a room. Simple, clean, effective. Redoing the color of a room is an excellent way to revitalize a boring home space. Paint the kids’ room a vibrant color, welcome visitors into your home with a warm hue in the foyer, or open up a cramped space with airy neutrals. Want to push the limits of your creativity? Try adding a complementary accent wall or using tape to paint patterns on drywall.
  2. Dress up drawers. Painting furniture adds personality, style, and creativity to otherwise boring spaces. Not only does it make a fun project, it’s cheap, too! Buy an old dresser, table, or chair from the thrift store or use an antique piece collecting dust in your attic. Using leftover paint from your last project, paint your base color. If you want to add bright accents (like painting the spindles on a chair), get a collection of paint samples from Ace of Gray. In the end, you’ll have a fresh new look for your home.
  3. Accessorize. There’s nothing you can’t paint if you put your mind to it. Think outside the box! Paint candles and candlesticks from the thrift store (just don’t set them on fire!), spice up vintage kitchen decor with a bright coat of yellow or blue, and help curtain rods disappear by painting rings and rods the same color as the walls.

Looking for paint for your next home improvement project? Ace of Gray stocks high quality brands like Valspar and Clark+Kensington. Ask our DIY experts which paint is right for your project.

Paint Image from FreeDigitalPhotos