Get Ahead of January Landscaping

January represents a major mental shift for most homeowners. While November and December are all about home maintenance, preparation for guests, and buying the perfect Christmas present, the new year refocuses our attention outdoors. January and February give homeowners a long list of landscape maintenance tasks to guarantee a bright and beautiful spring. If New Year’s resolutions have given you a new drive for home improvement, use your newfound determination to cross these landscaping tasks off your winter maintenance checklist.

Prune Trees and Shrubs

work gloves It’s time to pull out the STIHL; mid winter is the ideal season for pruning deciduous trees and woody shrubs. Pruning in winter allows homeowners to encourage fresh growth without jumpstarting a dangerous dormant season greenup. Prune away weak or diseased branches, remove limbs overhanging the house, driveway, or power lines, and shape your trees and shrubs. Just be careful not to over-prune. Many amateur landscapers lop the tops off flowering trees like Crepe Myrtles, stunting their growth and ruining their visual appeal.

Prepare for Spring Growth

Winter is the best time to spread fresh mulch, reassess your irrigation system, and supplement nutrient-deficient soil for spring planting. Before diving into January roses and spring bulbs, prepare your flowerbeds for planting.

Encourage Winter Plants

Not all outdoor beauty comes from spring garden. Highlight the elegance of your winter landscape by hanging white twinkle lights on silvery tree branches, deadheading pansies for better blooms, and adding hardscape elements for visual interest.

Give your landscape new life this winter. For more tips on winter lawn care, January landscaping, and planning the spring garden, come chat with the experts at Ace of Gray.

photo from flickr