Home Improvement Projects to Tackle This Spring

We had a weird weather winter, and spring has been just as wacky. From 80 degrees to 40 and back again, it’s no wonder some homeowners thought twice about spring planting. But there are still plenty of spring home improvement projects to check off before you step into the garden.

How to Refresh the House for Spring

  • Tackle spring cleaning. Were you bit by the refurbishment bug? Before you get started, get the boring stuff out of the way. Sort, organize, and discard clutter from the room you want to reno. Better yet? Clean and declutter the whole house before diving into any major projects. 
  • hardwood floor toolsClean the carpet. You’ll be amazed at how grimy it’s gotten, even if you’re a fanatic about weekly vacuuming. Hire a professional or rent a carpet cleaner over the weekend. Tired of scrubbing the carpet season after season? Visit Ace of Gray for tips on ripping up carpet and installing hardwood floors or tile.
  • Check off your spring home maintenance checklist. Time to clean the gutters, pressure wash the house, reseal the driveway, stain the deck (we recommend waterproofing it, too), and take care of any other home elements that fell into disrepair this winter.
  • Take care of touch ups. A little bit goes a long way. Touch up the paint on the front door, trim, and shutters for an instant facelift to your home exterior.

Ready to move onto the fun stuff? After checking off spring home maintenance, visit Ace of Gray for the latest seasonal home decor and DIY craft projects.

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