How to Clean Out the Kids’ Room

little boy paintingIt sounds like a great plan: clean out your kid’s bedroom for the new year. Maybe you want to thin the storage bins after a successful Christmas. Maybe you’re getting rid of junk so you can repaint and redecorate. Maybe your kid is simply growing older and losing interest in old toys. Whatever your intentions, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when cleaning the kids room. Tackle the mess in no time with these tips on how to clean out kids’ rooms.

Time to Sort Toys

Kids have a habit of collecting (and growing attached to) junk. Sort through toy bins and toss the following:

  • Broken toys
  • Dried out markers
  • Worn or broken crayons and colored pencils
  • Toys they haven’t played with in months
  • Dingy or holey stuffed animals (favorites exempted)
  • Board games with missing pieces

Clean Closet Clutter

Kids grow fast. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with their sprouting limbs. It’s not your fault for getting behind, but it is time to tackle that closet. Grab a donation bag and a trash bag for:

  • Holey socks
  • Socks with a missing mate
  • Hats and gloves your kids never wear
  • Shoes that don’t fit
  • Old sports uniforms
  • Clothing your kids have outgrown

Ditch Outdated Decor

Yes, those farm animal prints were precious when your kids were two, but they’re quickly losing their appeal. Put them in storage or pass them along to a friend with an infant. Go through the room, removing any wall hangings, blankets and pillows, or furniture that’s too babyish for your children. It will be easier to redecorate if you’re working with a fresh palette.

Start a Storage System

If your organizational tools aren’t working, it’s time to start over. Stock up on bins for organization, hanging closet organizers, and other handy tools to help keep your kids’ room in order.

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Photo from Flickr