How to Keep Holiday Greenery Fresh

The Thanksgiving season is marked by warm, muted hues and heavy, savory aromas. Last week families across Gray stuffed their turkeys, watched fresh rolls rise in the oven, and set the table with holiday centerpieces in orange and gold. This week Thanksgiving is nothing but turkey sandwiches in lunchboxes and a lingering feeling of wellbeing. The Thanksgiving season is well and truly behind us, fading back into the calendar to make room for all things merry and bright. Keep your holly jolly and your firs festive this Christmas with Ace of Gray’s tips on decorating with fresh greenery.

How to Decorate with Live Christmas Greenery

  1. poinsettia, christmas flowers Choose wisely. Ace of Gray has a wide selection of living wreaths, Christmas trees, and fresh, green “swag” for the holiday mantlepiece. Before picking your decor, determine what’s most important to you. Do you want a tree that’s sturdy enough for heavy ornaments or one that can withstand the heat of multiple strands of lights? Would you prefer swag with a heavy evergreen bouquet or fluffy branches for nestling Christmas figurines? Once you know what you’re looking for, the Ace team is here to help you find it.
  2. Water live plants. Just because a plant has been cut doesn’t mean it can survive on its own. Water trees and evergreens daily during the holiday season to prevent dropping needles, browning branches, and early withering.
  3. Decorate wisely. Further extend the life of your greenery by using low-heat lights, keeping greenery away from heat vents and direct sunlight, and preventing fire hazards by placing candles far away from trees, swag, and garlands.

Alternatives to Fresh Greenery

Ace of Gray has a full range of holiday decor, from living wreaths to artificial swag so green it looks plucked straight from the tree. If you’re traveling for the holidays (or simply too busy to remember to water the plants), get into the holiday spirit with a wide selection of Christmas decor from our gift shop and garden center. Decorate the house in bright wreaths, greenery for the mantlepiece, and holiday decor glittering with twinkle lights. What’s the best part about artificial greenery? You can box it up before New Year’s and reuse it next year!

Stop by Ace of Gray for fresh Christmas evergreens, quality artificial greenery, and a full selection of home decor for the holidays.