How to Live Better in 2016

Is your goal to make your home more efficient this year? That might mean organizing, cleaning, and redecorating. It could mean cutting costs and going green. Whatever your definition of home efficiency, achieving your New Year’s resolutions for the home is simpler than it seems.

Home Organization in 2016

clean, simple homeWant improve the flow of daily life? If you’re struggling to stay organized, the first thing you need to do is downsize. Yes, Grandma gave you that china cat collection. But if it’s just collecting dust, it’s time to box it up. Go through your home, winnowing out items that clutter up your daily life. Find smart storage solutions for the items that remain, like an ottoman with hidden storage or a DIY towel rack for the bathroom. Walk through the house and move any furniture you find yourself bumping into as you go about your daily tasks. Once everything’s back in order, make an action plan for how to stay more organized in the future.

Home Efficiency in 2016

Maybe you want to save the environment. Maybe you want to lower your electric bill. Maybe you simply want to stop replacing the same lightbulb every two months. Whatever your reason for improving the efficiency of your home, here are some easy tasks to help you go green:

  • Switch to compact fluorescent lightbulbs
  • Replace shower heads with low-flow varieties
  • Turn off the lights when you leave the room
  • Crank down the heat or A/C when you leave the house for the day
  • Put irrigation systems on a timer
  • Limit the water your yard needs by planting ground cover instead of grass
  • Fall in love with hardscaping
  • Choose flowers and shrubs that need less water
  • Make use of food waste by composting (it’s great fertilizer!)
  • Buy a drying rack for your laundry
  • Never run the washing machine or dishwasher half-full

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