Is Your Garden Ready for Spring?

If you want your garden to look beautiful this spring, the time to start prepping is now. Check out these spring lawn care tips to get your garden ready for a gorgeous spring.

Give Your Tools a Bath

After being used to dig in the dirt, it is no surprise that garden tools get messy fast. Prepare them for another season of hard work in the garden by giving them a good scrub. All you need is some soap and water. To keep your gardening tools in top shape, do this at the beginning and end of gardening season, plus any other times that they get especially dirty. While you’re cleaning your tools, rubs some mineral spirits on any wooden handles. This will help keep the wood from splintering as you do your spring gardening. Early spring is also an excellent time to tune-up your lawn mower or get a professional service.

Tidy Up the Garden

Your carefully maintained garden can become a bit of a mess during the fall and winter. Clear away any branches, leaves, and debris that may have accumulated over the last few months. It is important to do this task early, before the weather really starts warming up. You don’t want to risk damaging or disturbing any bulbs and plants as they start to sprout. You should also apply pre-emergent herbicides well before weeds start sprouting.

Prep the Soil

organic garden sprinklerThe soil will play a critical role in supporting your garden throughout the spring and summer. Give it the care it needs before you begin planting. Start by using your pitchfork and rake to turn the soil over. Remove any weeds you find. A few weeks before you begin planting, add compost or manure. This gives it time to integrate the nutrients into the soil and prevents the fertilizers from burning your plants’ roots.