Landscaping with Man’s Best Friend

Do you dream of a world where your dog can roam free? A world where your furry friend can run and play while you work in the garden? A world that doesn’t wind up with rows and rows of dug up flowerbeds?

Gardening with pets is a rewarding experience, but it takes a practiced hand to succeed. Transform the way you garden with these tips from Ace of Gray on how to garden with your dog.

Gardening with Dogs

  1. Keep your pet safe. Before you consider protecting your flowerbeds, it’s time to consider the real danger of gardening with pets: that your dog will wind up sick. Dogs love to explore, so pet owners must take extra precautions before gardening with these curious creatures. When designing your landscape, pick plants that aren’t poisonous to animals. Instead of using chemical fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides, protect your pooch by going organic. Cocoa mulch, just like chocolate, is also hazardous to dogs’ health.
  2. Protect your plants. What’s the easiest way to stop your dog from digging in the backyard? Teach him not to! The younger you start, the better. If you’re stuck trying to teach an old dog new tricks, don’t be afraid to use a fence, a kennel, or a closed-in porch until the lesson sticks.
  3. dog relaxing outdoorsKeep your dog entertained. When do pets get into the most trouble? When they’re bored. Minimize boredom (and destroyed perennials) by keeping a few dog toys on hand. Play a round of frisbee between gardening tasks or simply let your pet play with his favorite chew toy.
  4. Be prepared. The key to a successful day outdoors is always preparation. To prep the garden for puppy play, don’t forget to store sharp landscaping equipment, supply your pet with a bowl of fresh water, and be on the lookout for dog allergy flare ups (they get them, too!).

Ready to garden? Stop by Ace of Gray for everything you and your pup will need for your next landscaping project.

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