Managing Your Fall Florals

Have you been bitten by the fall gardening bug? Our thumbs are turning green again with the arrival of our mums and pansies. Now is the time to plan the fall floral designs that will grace your holiday tables. But before you start planting your Gray, GA garden, make sure your landscape is prepped for a new season of sensational shades.

Fall Garden Preparation

The key to a successful spring is a busy fall. Gardens flourish in the fall because the cooler temperatures allow your greens to establish and grow without suffering the extreme heat and cold of summer and winter. Autumn means slowed stem and flower growth, which increases the root activity of your plants. Before you plant new flowers, revitalize your landscape by tending to your soil, irrigation, and perennials. Your fall gardening checklist should include:

  • Assessing irrigation and adjusting drainage
  • Nourishing and aerating your soil
  • Harvesting herbs and late summer vegetables
  • Dividing and replanting your perennials
  • Digging new flowerbeds
  • Seeding fall fescue
  • Aerating and overseeding your lawn

Autumn Flowers

flower lessonsWith the holidays just around the corner, a pop of petals will add the perfect color to your backyard plot. Fall is also an ideal time for planting vegetable gardens. Autumn veggies will sprout just in time to add an organic, healthy treat to your Thanksgiving meal. Fall flora like pansies and mums keep your gardens thriving all through autumn and make charming centerpieces for your holiday table. But beware of planting before the last vestiges of summer heat dissipates. Planting flowers or overseeding your lawn too soon will undermine new plant growth, leading to a leggy, less than lush landscape. Ask your friends at Ace of Gray when the temperature and conditions are correct for new planting.

photo from flickr