Spooky Projects for the Halloween Season

For many people, Halloween is major holiday, just like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Homeowners love broadcasting their love of creepy crawlies, spooky specters, and all things zombie. If you’re looking for a classy take on Halloween decorations, try these fun Halloween DIY projects.

DIY Halloween Decor

  1. Want to transform your planters without damaging your plants? It’s as easy as one, two, three. One: buy a plastic cauldron slightly larger than your planter. Two: drill holes into the bottom for drainage. Three: put your planter inside and enjoy an easy, effective Halloween prop on your front porch.
  2. jack o' lanternNo matter how freaky the faces, there’s something timeless about Halloween Jack o’ Lanterns. Line your sidewalk with funny faces, carve elegant monograms into pumpkins on the porch, or give this classic Halloween decoration a modern twist by painting pumpkins this year. Still not satisfied? Put your own twist on everyone’s favorite Halloween decor (try gluing black buttons in the shape of a cat or hanging plastic spiders from the stem).
  3. Looking for an airy addition to your Halloween decor? Mold chicken wire in the shape of a ghostly gown or a simple hooded silhouette. Prop the figures around the yard. For an ethereal presence, simply spray paint the chicken wire white. For a more tangible ghost, cover the form in white cheesecloth and shred the edges.
  4. Looking for a DIY project from found materials? Sketch a design onto an old tin can. Using a hammer and nail, make holes along the outline of your design. Paint the can black with leftover paint from your last project, and place a small LED or candle inside. Voila! Instant elegance.

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Painted Pumpkin Image from Flickr