Time to Tidy Up the Grill

grilling fresh shrimpWhether you own a Weber, a Holland, or a Traeger, it’s only a matter of weeks until you’re firing up the grill more often than not. Savory dinners, graduation parties, and summer cookouts are so close we can taste them. But there’s one more roadblock before you can make succulent pork chops this Mother’s Day: spring cleaning. Keep your grill in top shape with springtime cleaning and maintenance.

How to Spring Clean Your Grill

  1. You may have a charcoal grill, a gas grill, an electric grill, or a smoker. Each variety of grill (and, most likely, every brand) has its own recommended cleaning method. Before diving into spring cleaning, double check the maintenance guide for protips specific to your grill.
  2. If you haven’t yet, clear out any cobwebs, insect carcasses, and organic debris that’s collected over the winter.
  3. Spot check propane hoses, electrical plugs, and dials for visible damage. Make sure the igniter button functions properly.
  4. Burn off food residue by turning up the grill, closing the lid, and letting the heat do it’s work for about 15 minutes.
  5. Let the grill cool. Disconnect the propane tank or unplug your grill. Make certain all dials are switched off.
  6. Wearing protective gloves, clean the interior and exterior of your grill. Use a grill brush to scrape any remaining residue off the grates. Clean the burners, which often collect grease during grilling season. Brush away gunk that’s fallen into the grill. After cleaning the grill’s walls and fixtures, buff it to add extra shine.
  7. Clean and organize your grilling accessories for another season of use.
  8. Stock up on charcoal, propane, and flavored wood chips to prevent a problem during your first spring cookout.

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photo from FreeDigitalPhotos