Man of Stihl

Father’s Day is just a few weeks away. We’re entering the optimal timezone for finding a Father’s Day present for the man who diligently taught you how to Do It Yourself. Dads like to get their hands dirty, get things done, and reap the rewards of their labor. If your father doesn’t like to grill (or you chipped in for his Big Green Egg last Father’s Day), lawn care equipment makes a great practical gift to show Dad you appreciate him.

Stihl Equipment

stihl father's day gift guideThere’s no denying men love their power tools, and Stihl equipment is built to last. Dad can use our grass trimmer to cut a crisp line around flowerbeds or hack snarled, overgrown grass beyond the fence. Choose from a selection of high-performance chainsaws with faster running time and increased fuel efficiency. Easily chop downed trees from harsh summer storms, remove dangerous branches, and cut fresh firewood. After tackling the big problems, Dad can use our handheld leaf blower to clean the lawn and driveway in a snap. Whatever outdoor power equipment you’re getting him for Father’s Day, Stihl has the price, performance, and endurance he’ll love. Ace Hardware of Gray is a licensed dealer of Stihl outdoor power tools.

Lawn Care Accessories

Outfit your husband or father in sleek, practical work wear to keep him safe and comfortable while he tackles the landscape’s biggest problems. Pair sturdy Proscaper Series Stihl gloves with Pro Mark Apron Chaps to protect Dad from splintered wood and sharp blades. Purchase a pair of Black Widow glasses or Sleek Line protective eyewear so he can leave his favorite Coastal Del Mar glasses in his golf bag. Stihl work apparel is simple, comfortable, and endurable, letting Dad tackle his next big project without worrying about his clothing catching on equipment or wearing through.

For more outdoor work wear, check out our online selection of Stihl power equipment and accessories. Stop by Ace of Gray to outfit Dad in Columbia, Durango, or Georgia Boot outdoor apparel.