Out with the Old

With spring-cleaning well underway, Gray homeowners are up to their elbows in dust, old boxes, and cleaning solution. But as all-inclusive as spring-cleaning may feel, a few household items always seem to get overlooked. As you tackle your home improvement tasks this spring, take a look at these 8 household items that probably need replacing.

  1. replace common household itemsToilet Brush. For something that spends so much time in your home’s dirtiest places, toilet brushes don’t get replaced very often. Depending on how often you use it (and how many toilets each brush cleans), consider replacing yours every 4-6 months.
  2. Toilet Seats. No matter how well you clean them, old toilet seats just look dirty. Replace yours to make your bathroom feel fresher.
  3. Garbage Disposal. After several years of abuse, garbage disposals often get jammed. Stop wincing as your disposal grinds and squeals and invest in a quality brand garbage disposal from Ace of Gray.
  4. Water Filters. Water purifiers come with replacement filters for a reason. Follow the instructions on how often to replace your filtration system.
  5. Cutting Boards. Old cutting boards develop knife slashes, which collect germs from raw meat. If your cutting board has discolored grooves, replace it.
  6. Pillows. People rarely consider how much dust, dander, and dead skin pillows collect. Buy a dust mite pillow cover, wash pillowcases often, and replace bedroom pillows every year or two.
  7. Trash Cans. Considering how often garbage bags need replacing, it’s curious that so few people think to clean trashcans. Wipe yours with disinfectant whenever you take out the trash, and buy a new one when the smells start lingering.
  8. Remote Control. You may think your remote control isn’t that dirty, but it sits in the busiest section of your house collecting germs from pets and dirty fingers. Studies show remote controls may carry more germs than even toilet seats. Clean your remote regularly and replace it yearly to prevent germ buildup beneath the buttons.

Keep your home germ-free by replacing common household items every few months. Visit Ace of Gray for quality home maintenance materials that are as stylish as they are functional.

photo from FreeDigitalPhotos