How to Cook Up the Perfect Father’s Day Steak

Father’s Day is just weeks away, and many Moms are preparing to give their hubbies the day off from grilling duty with a Father’s Day menu that’s sure to delight his tastebuds. If you haven’t fired up the grill in a while, have no fear. Ace of Gray has 6 grilling tips for Father’s Day.

How to Grill the Perfect Steak

The man in your life may love a new pair of Costas, dependable power equipment, or a Tervis tumbler for his morning coffee. Whatever Dad loves to do, there’s one thing that’s the perfect complement to his Father’s Day gift: a juicy steak. Whether you’re ready to rise to the position of Grill Queen or you’re teaching your kid to be the house’s next Grill Master, your steak is sure to impress with these tips:

  1. raw steak ready to grillStart with a great steak. It’s Father’s Day! Dad deserves the best.
  2. Make it hot. If your grill isn’t piping hot before you start cooking, your steak will stick to the grate. Clean the grill before firing it up, and give it a full 15 to 20 minutes to preheat.
  3. Skip the marinade. Veins of marbling in ribeyes, porterhouses, and t-bone steaks make the steak juicy enough on its own. Marinating may actually dry out the meat once you drop it on the grill. If you picked up a flank steak or strip steak, marinate away!
  4. Drop the temperature. If you’re working with a thick steak (1 inch or thicker), start with high heat and reduce the temperature to ensure even cooking.
  5. Let it rest. Just like Dad, steaks deserve a break. After you take them off the grill, let steaks sit for 5-10 minutes before dishing up dinner.

To get a great steak, you need a great grill. Surprise Dad with a new electric grill, charcoal grill, or Big Green Egg smoker for Father’s Day. Ace of Gray has the grills, accessories, and rubs you need to make a delicious meal every time.