3 Simple Thanksgiving Home Decor Ideas

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. Before you know it you and your family will be tucked into the warm dining room to enjoy the delicious food that’s just one reason to be grateful this season. Whether you’re used to squishing in beside a full table of your favorite relatives or you prefer a quieter Thanksgiving affair, the first step in creating the perfect Thanksgiving is setting the stage.

3 Simple Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving decorations don’t get as much press as Christmas decorations do, but they’re no less important to their respective holiday. Make your friends and family feel welcome this year by adding a few simple Thanksgiving decorations to your home and hearth.

  1. thanksgiving seasonal centerpieceStart outside. Entice your friends, neighbors, and family members into your home by creating a welcoming atmosphere on your porch. Hang fairy lights, set pumpkins on the stoop, and place pots of perennials outside your front door.
  2. Bring nature indoors. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without bright fall leaves, thematic pine cones, and seasonal decor like dried corn. Get creative with your decorating by artfully arranging bare branches into a “thankful tree,” spray painting pine cones gold, or wrapping your candles in red and gold leaves.
  3. All about the mantle. In just a few weeks your mantlepiece will be home to brightly colored, oversized stockings spilling with your family’s favorite candy and toys. This month, however, the mantlepiece hosts a merry fire and tasteful Thanksgiving decor. Give your home that extra welcoming touch by hanging a wreath from the mantle, displaying your kids’ homemade decor above the fireplace, or creating a Thanksgiving “welcome” banner out of leaves and gold paint.

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photo from flickr