A Southern Way of Life

There’s an irresistible charm about the Southern way of life that leaves folks from far-off starstruck. Our passionate love affair with all things classic, our “the more the merrier” style of entertaining, and our fervor for football create a culture that’s impossible to recreate. Make Mama proud by checking these tips for creating a quintessential Southern home off your summer to-do list.

5 Commandments for Creating a Southern Home

  1. Bigger is always better. After all, if you choose the smaller home, the smaller porch, or the smaller pool, where in the world will you put all the grandbabies?
  2. welcome mat on porchYou can always make more room. Larger spaces aside, no matter how many guest rooms you have, you can never turn down company. Cozy couches, air mattresses from storage, or cuddling 3-to-a-bed are easy solutions when your summer reunion winds up with a few more guests than intended.
  3. Fit in. You don’t want to be those people, redoing the roof in a style that clashes with your neighbor’s homes. Sometimes blending in is better for everyone (trust us, your property value will thank you for it).
  4. But don’t be afraid to stand out. It’s your home, after all. Decorate the door with a collegiate burlee, break out your grandmother’s hand-crafted rocker for the porch, and don’t be afraid to hang curtains that pop.
  5. See the beauty in everything. Whether it’s a rugged backyard, a faded old quilt, or a front porch with cracked and peeling paint, every element of the Southern home has both natural beauty and room for improvement. Determine which unique home elements you want to keep, which to renovate, and which ones need replacing altogether.

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Welcome Mat Image from Flickr