Burch Barrel

Burch Barrel

The Burch Barrel is the original over-fire suspended grill, smoker and and fire pit designed with versatile and functional excellence and made to be the central hub for any outdoor gathering.

Our innovative features were designed to ensure a top-notch culinary experience. They include:

FUEL FLEXIBILITY: Are you a die-hard charcoal chef? Or are you a purist and prefer hardwood? With the Burch Barrel you gain the flexibility to use any wood product- charcoal, briquettes or wood.

LOCK COLLAR LID AND GRATE: Make quick adjustments to your coal/fire height or heat without disturbing your food. Simply lower the lid and secure the grill grate to the lock collar lid by aligning the pegs with the notches. Raise with the pistol grip slider and adjust your heat as needed. Your Traeger can’t do that, can it?

TRACKSTER HEAT CONTROL RAILS: Raise and lower your coal bed with ease, even in the middle of cooking. Nine height settings are built into the trackster rail system that spiral along the inside the barrel. So whether you want high heat to sear and boil, or lower heat to smoke and bake, controlling the heat is easier than ever.

EVERLEVEL TRIPOD: Solid carbon steel packable legs enable you to make macro adjustments with ease so you can level the barrel no matter where you set it up. Grilling on rocky riverbeds or sandy beaches is easier than ever.

STOKER VENTS: Adjustable top and side vents enable precision control over your heat. Slide vents open to customize the intensity of heat through a directional oxygen draft and a double wall that keeps the external surface of the barrel kid and dog friendly.

HANGING HOOK: Suspend food from the hanging hook located on the bottom of the lid to roast, sear or slow cook.

From backyard to base camp, Burch Barrel is a travel-ready hearth where family and friends can cook, eat, and share stories. Constructed with state-of-the-art materials and designed with meticulous attention to detail, the Burch Barrel will last a lifetime and is sure to accompany your friends and family in making some of life’s best memories.

Constructed from high-grade steel and aluminum components, metal fasteners, unfailing welds and reliable powder coating, you can be sure to enjoy years of hard use ahead of you. Our Rough & Tumble Warranty guarantees everything we build against manufacturing defects in materials and craftsmanship for the practical lifetime of the product.

Multi-Fuel Flexibility

Do you prefer cooking with wood, charcoal, briquettes or construction scrap? It doesn’t matter – fuel your fire with whatever wood product you prefer. No power cord or gas line required.

360° of Interaction

The communal configuration circles people up so they can face each other and their food – at the same time. You can finally grill, smoke, and entertain without turning your back on your friends.

Built to Last

High-grade steel, reliable coatings and unfailing welds make the Burch Barrel the cooking-with-fire companion that will stand the test of time.


Born in Big Timber, Montana, Burch Barrel is a premium brand that melds groundbreaking innovations and tradition. Both the product and brand have evolved from the founder, Roby Burch, who spent his summers working on a family ranch in Big Timber, Montana. Every summer, Roby helped work the ranch. Everything from working cattle and putting up hay to greasing equipment and fixing fence. In addition, he learned how to use materials and supplies around him to work and perform a job that they normally wouldn’t have. Roby loved the work, especially during branding season when neighbors came together to help rope, wrestle and vaccinate the newborn calves. The resourcefulness of ranching and concept of people coming together at brandings is what led him to build the first Burch Barrel while in college. Roby didn’t really know that slapping chains, pipes and a 55-gallon barrel together would lead him to a product and brand like Burch Barrel.

“I really had no intention of turning my original Burch Barrel into anything special. I just wanted something to sit around with my friends and drink beer and cook on occasionally. There was something special about that contraption though. It had a gravitational pull of its own. I’d bring it to parties and cookouts in college and immediately it was the center of attention. People would ask me to make more or suggest I sell them, and I would almost immediately tell them ‘no’. It was just something to enhance the atmosphere for my friends and me.

After graduation, I got a job that limited my time ranching, and in Big Timber which just really didn’t sit right with me. That pull to be out there only got stronger and stronger till I finally realized what I wanted to do. When I finally knew that developing Burch Barrel would get me back in Montana, I ran with it. Since then, I’ve worked to make it a reality so that I could enhance the atmosphere of other people’s outdoor experiences. My goal was to build a brand and product that people wanted to be a part of and believed in, and that’s what we’re going to do.

I say that Burch Barrel was born in Big Timber, Montana because it’s true. The first barrel may not have been made there, and the plans may have been drawn up in some office someplace, but this idea wouldn’t have ever come to be had it not been for my summers ranching. Burch Barrel always has been and always will be a Montana brand, and it’s all because of Big Timber. “