How to Grill the Perfect Burger

Throwing the perfect summer cookout isn’t all about the deck, the fire pit, and the freshly-cut lawn. It’s about the burger! Grill the perfect burger every time with these tips from Ace of Gray.

Prep Your Grill

Before you fire up the grill for the first time, make sure it’s ready for a season of heavy-duty labor. Spring clean your grill to prevent fires, keep cooking even, and avoid cobwebs in your dinner. Preheat your grill or smoker well before dinnertime. If it’s not hot enough to sear the meat right away, you’ll lose your juice before the temperatures get up to par.

How to Cook a Mouthwatering Burger

  1. burgers on the grillStart with the good stuff. You’ll get nothing but gristle if you buy cheap meat at the grocery store. Invest in the good stuff if you want to make family cookout history.
  2. Don’t overpack it. Ground beef, ground turkey, ground venison . . . meat cooks best when it’s handled gently and packed lightly. If you overwork or overpack it, you’ll wind up with a tough, dry burger.
  3. Think big. Meat shrinks up on the grill, so to guarantee a mouthful (and a good burger-to-bun ratio), make your burger slightly bigger than needed. Press lightly with your thumb into the top of the burger to prevent a peaked top, which will cause your burger to cook unevenly.
  4. Add flavor. Ace of Gray’s rubs and seasoning add a mouthful of flavor to every bite. For the most potent flavor, season your burger right before dropping it on the grill.
  5. Let cooking burgers lie. Yes, it’s tempting to flip ‘em, prod ‘em, and smash ‘em with a spatula. But if you do, you’re only letting those tasty juices escape. Flip each burger once, then leave it alone.
  6. Dress it up. The meat may be the crowning glory, but toasted buns, melted cheese, and goodies like bacon and BBQ sauce can make or break a good burger. Have each extra prepped and ready to go.

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Grilling Burgers