How to Organize the House (from Top to Bottom)

You’re up to your elbows in cleaning solution, diligently scrubbing at the baseboards, when you catch sight of the pile of junk shoved behind the armchair. You can’t clean around it, but if you move it, it will just migrate to another forgotten corner of the house. Ace of Gray has you covered. Learn how to organize your home (without going crazy).

Entryway Organization

  • Hang a double hook for each member of the family. Kids can hang their coats and backpacks, while parents can hang up jackets, seasonal accessories, and purses or briefcases.
  • Shoe cubbies keep clutter contained and prevent kids from tracking mud through the house.

De-Clutter the Kitchen

Don’t store stuff on the counter. You’ll only wind up with a messy-looking room (and a lot of crumbs under the cookbooks). Instead, maximize storage space by hanging hooks, magnetic strips, or small baskets on the inside of cabinets and doors. Store dry goods like cereal and flour in glass containers to minimize on unsightly, awkwardly-shaped boxes. Organize your pantry by type to keep food from getting lost or going bad.

Banish Bedroom Mess

  • backpack on comforterUse the hanger trick to weed unused items out of your closet. Turn every item of clothing to face one direction. After you wear and wash something, put it back facing the opposite wall. In 6 months, donate any items still facing the original direction.
  • Use chic storage boxes to hide clutter like dress shoes, winter scarves, and other items that don’t fit in your dresser.
  • Don’t have shelves in the closet? Invest in flat boxes for under-bed storage.
  • Store jewelry and accessories out of sight in a cute bowl or jewelry box to keep the bedroom clutter-free.

A More Beautiful Bathroom

  • Wall storage is a great way to utilize your smallest spaces. Hang hooks, shelves, or cabinets to hide clutter.
  • Organize items in a cart or small tray to skip the under-the-sink madness.
  • Organize the linen closet by type (sheets on one shelf, towels on another). Reserve floor space for baskets of odds-and-ends.

Need to get your house in order? Visit Ace of Gray for simple storage solutions.