How to Plant a Garden Quilt

Do you want a fresh, classic, and eye-catching design for the spring garden? We’re inspired by an innovative take on square foot gardening. Gardeners are digging into the past and finding new mediums to transform garden plots into lush, living quilts. If you want the sense of accomplishment of stitching a quilt without the aching finger joints and stuck fingers, this is one garden project to put on your list.

How to Plant a Living Quilt

  • flowerbed quiltStep 1: Collect your materials. If you have a favorite quilting pattern gathering dust in a box of your grandmother’s things, the time has come. Gather your pattern, stakes and string, a raised square garden bed (or materials for building one), tools for planting, and annual plants that will stay relatively compact and bloom often.
  • Step 2: Using stakes and string, mark off your pattern in the flowerbed. This may be easier if you transfer your pattern onto graph paper and measure it out.
  • Step 3: Plant your annuals, giving them a little room to grow, but positioning them closer together than you would in a bigger flowerbed.
  • Step 4: Remove the stakes and string, water your plants, and step back and enjoy your handiwork. Snap a few pictures for Facebook and tag family members who will appreciate the significance of planting a garden quilt with Grandma’s heirloom quilting pattern.

Whatever garden project you’re tackling today, Ace of Gray has the tools you need to succeed. Visit our garden center for plants, gardening equipment, and lumber to build raised flowerbeds.

Flowerbed Quilt