How to Redo a Kids Room (Without Tearing Out Your Hair)

Whether your kid loves to craft, read, play sports, or work puzzles, we’re guessing their bedroom can get a bit . . . disorganized. Forget keeping the floors vacuumed; it’s a Herculean feat to find a clear space to walk. Some parents deal by chucking all of their kids toys in an effort to get organized. Others simply give up. At Ace of Gray we say “everything in moderation.” Tackle your kids’ rooms with these easy organization tips.

Time to Toss

Before we get started, there are some items that need to go. Throw away:

  • Broken toys
  • Socks missing their mate
  • Clothes that don’t fit (or have stains)
  • Dried out markers and filled coloring books
  • Games with missing pieces
  • Gifts that have been forgotten
  • Baby items with no sentimental value

How to Organize a Kids Room (Long Term)

girl's bedroom decorGet (and stay) organized with a few handy tips from the pros. Identify your child’s biggest recurring mess and come up with a clever storage solution to keep it accessible, but out of the way. For example, store Legos in a cute plastic jar or put coloring books in an old suitcase, then make it part of a world travel theme for the bedroom. Whatever your storage solution, teach your kids the value of picking up after themselves. Trust us, they’ll complain less over a 5 minute cleanup than they will when you lock them in their room after World War III: Toy Edition.

Redecorate Your Kids Room

Your kids may be growing, but you can still give their room a fun facelift. Choose a theme that can grow with them like a subtle space theme, fun world traveler decor, or simple pastels with metallic accents. Get creative to incorporate storage into the decor, like adding a retro trunk with dividers for toys, blankets, and stuffed animals.

Take control of your kid’s bedroom. Visit Ace of Gray for organizers, mess-free kids crafts, and redecorating materials like paint and home decor.

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