Protect Your Pets from the Cold

With the sudden onslaught of cold weather, you have plenty to take care of this week. Like the rest of us in Gray, GA, you’ve probably fixed your attention on layering your clothing, checking your heaters, and preventing the pipes from freezing. But your four-legged family members depend on you to survive the cold weather. Safeguard your pets against the freezing temperatures by keeping them close, safe, and warm this winter.

Staying Home

The best way to protect cats, dogs, and other pets from freezing temperatures is to keep them indoors. Bring outdoor pets inside when the temperature drops too low. Cats are particularly susceptible to the cold; their small mass and low body fat makes them more likely to freeze to death. Keep your dog on a leash when taking him outside to relieve himself, and stay outside no longer than necessary. If you’re puppy is used to running errands with you, leave him at home during inclement weather. Cars trap cold air during the winter, becoming as dangerous to pets as overheated cars during the summer.

Staying Warm

dog bedMaking sure your pets stay warm during cold weather is crucial to their long-term health and happiness. Install a heated dog house for outdoor pets, buy a pet sweater for short-haired animals, and let your furry friends sleep on a pet pillow or doggie bed to protect them from drafty floors and cold tiles. Limit dog grooming during the winter months, keeping your pets’ hair long enough to insulate their bodies. Consider paper training small dogs and puppies that are sensitive to the cold.

Staying Safe

Cold isn’t the only aspect of winter that is hazardous to your pets’ health. Carefully store antifreeze out of reach; animals like the taste, but the chemicals are just as hazardous to pets as they are to people. Brush ice, water, and road salt off your pets’ fur and paws after a trip outside. Carefully check your pets for dry skin and cracked paws. Before using your car, check under the hood and beneath the tires for stray cats trying to escape the cold.

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