The Gift That Keeps Grilling

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 10.03.58 AMThere’s something about grilling that gets a party going: the sound of sizzling meat, the savory smell of smoke, and the heat of the grill promising that the best is yet to come. Not only are grills the perfect backyard accessory for summer, they’re famously beloved by dads everywhere. Ace of Gray is making it easy to treat your dad to something special this summer. June 9th-15th we’re throwing an exclusive sale with 10% off all grills and grill accessories for Father’s Day.

Traeger Grill

  • What it is: Wood pellet grill
  • Who should buy it: Families who love barbecue with a slow-cooked, smoky flavor
  • Must-have grill accessories: Digital thermostat, wood pellets in a variety of flavors, cover

Big Green Egg

  • What it is: Slow cooker with smoking, grilling, and conventional cooking capabilities
  • Who should buy it: Lovers of juicy, tender meat who can afford to invest in a high quality smoker
  • Must-have grill accessories: Wood chips, cover, nest or table, baking stone, thermapen

Louisiana Grills

  • What it is: Pellet grill
  • Who should buy it: Families who want the convenience of a fast heat-up gas grill with the flavor of a slow cook smoker
  • Must-have grill accessories: Upper cooking rack, digital control center, natural hardwood pellets, cover

The Holland Grill

  • What it is: Classic gas grill
  • Who should buy it: People who want a safe, hassle-free backyard grilling experience without sacrificing flavor
  • Must-have grill accessories: Cover, lid thermometer or digital thermometer, pizza stone, recipe book

Weber Grills

  • What it is: Versatile grills available in gas, electric, charcoal, and portable varieties
  • Who should buy it: Families who love classic cookouts and easy cleanup
  • Must-have grill accessories: Locking tongs, thermometer, bear claw shredders, portable table, cover

Give your dad a lasting Father’s Day gift this year. Complete his outdoor living area with a high class grill for holiday meals, game days, and summer cookouts.