Fall Home Improvement Projects Everyone Should Cross Off Their List

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Don’t get distracted from home repairs.

It’s hard not to get excited about fall gardening. After a season of standing back and watering flowers, Georgia gardeners have another chance to dig in the dirt. Fall is the perfect time to plant cool-season vegetables, aerate the yard or install new sod, and cultivate autumn flowers like mums. But fall isn’t just a time for landscaping and garden maintenance; it’s ideal for home maintenance as well. Before you throw away your to-do list, make sure you’ve checked off these fall home improvement projects.

Outdoor Home Maintenance

Gardening isn’t all planting flowers and cutting blooms for the holiday table. Landscape maintenance is the key to cultivating a beautiful, lush yard. While you’re waiting for your mums to bloom, take care of the items on our fall garden checklist for homeowners in Gray.

  • Aerate and overseed the lawn
  • Keep leaves from stifling the grass by raking or leaf blowing each week
  • Plant spring-blooming bulbs
  • Maintain the vegetable garden
  • Keep the soil well-watered
  • Clear the garden of organic debris
  • If necessary, amend the soil with compost or fertilizer (do this early in the season to prevent stimulating plant growth before winter)
  • Raise the height on your lawn mower blades
  • Cut and divide perennials

Indoor Home Improvement

Before the temperatures drop too far, Gray homeowners should prepare their houses for cooler weather with these basic fall home maintenance tasks.

  • Cleaning out the gutters
  • Touching up cracked or peeling paint
  • Insulating, weather stripping, and caulking windows and doors
  • Pest-proofing the home and garden
  • Making any necessary home repairs (patching the roof, etc)
  • Covering outdoor living equipment like grills and patio furniture for the winter

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