Holiday Gifts at Ace of Gray

Ladies Night Out may have been the event of the Thanksgiving season, but it’s certainly not your only chance to snatch up that perfect Christmas present. After the free samples, holiday promotions, and special guests at our annual Christmas sale, we’re guessing there are still quite a few names on your holiday shopping list. Wrap up your Christmas shopping this year with these unbeatable presents from the Ace of Gray gift shop and garden center.

  1. mini christmas treeOutdoor living accessories. Did our 10% off grills promotion at Ladies Night Out convince you to finally spring for that Big Green Egg? Snatch up the holiday stocking stuffers while you have a chance. When you give the man in your life a selection of Gourmet Big Green Egg Seasonings he won’t even mind helping out with Christmas dinner! Need a present “for Dad, love the kids”? Our full selection of grilling accessories make the perfect holiday gift for fathers.
  2. Holiday decor. We all have people in our lives who celebrate Christmas a little early. Get your busy friends and family members into the holiday spirit by finding them the perfect holiday decor piece. Bonus points if it ties into their current Christmas decorations!
  3. DIY Christmas gifts. A gift from the heart is a great place to start. If you’re a lover of all things Pinterest, a homemade gift might be just the personal touch you’re looking for this year. Stop by Ace of Gray home improvement store for all your DIY supplies. Then it’s time to get crafty in your Christmas corner!

The temperatures may be dropping, but things are just heating up at the Ace of Gray gift shop. Visit us for holiday decor, Christmas presents, and more!