The Light in a Dark Room

Looking for a quick way to spruce up your kitchen, living room, or bedroom without dominoing into a total home decor overhaul? Redoing your window treatments can breathe life into a dull room, giving you a quick home improvement fix for spring.

5 Tips for Updating Window Treatments

  1. pale palette living room and curtainsConsider function. The first step in redoing your window treatments is determining what role they’ll play in your home. Are they purely decorative? Are they functional? Should they filter light, or block it out entirely? Determine your goals before looking for new blinds or curtains.
  2. Home improvement for windows. Before you bring in new window treatments, complete basic window maintenance tasks. Clean the screens, panes, and frames of every window in the room. Test the seal and determine whether reparative caulk or extra weather stripping is necessary. You may find the windows drafty, even when you’ve resealed the gaps. If so, consider purchasing heavier blinds to block the chill in winter.
  3. Consider lighting. Good lighting can brighten a space, making it seem larger and more open that it actually is. If you prefer heavier window treatments, make sure your room has bright overhead lighting and additional lamps. If the space is dim or has minimal fixtures, buy lightweight curtains and easy-to-open drapes to let in the light.
  4. Think texture. Textured drapes or Roman shades can add visual interest to a plain kitchen. On the other hand, simple window treatments give the eye a place to rest in a bright, busy, or cluttered kitchen.
  5. Remember: there are no rules. No matter what colors are in, how many neutrals you have in your home, or what window treatment trends are leading the pack, in the end, you’re the only judge that matters. Choose something you like and enjoy the new home decor.

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photo from FreeDigitalPhotos