4 Tips for a Low-Stress Christmas

For a holiday that’s all about peace and love, the holiday season sees a lot of hustle and bustle. We like to start things early, kicking off Christmas with our Ladies Night Out in November. But no matter how well you plan, the stress of the season will probably catch up with you. To help make the holiday more “merry” and less “mayhem,” Ace of Gray has gathered our 4 best tips for planning a successful Christmas.

4 Tips for a Low-Stress Holiday

  1. Shop smart. It’s not just about saving money (although the post-Christmas sales are a great place to stock up for next year’s celebration). The closer we get to Christmas, the more stressful the shopping. For a low-stress holiday, avoid the busiest shopping days of the Christmas season. December 21st, December 28th, December 27th, and December 23rd are predicted to be among the busiest shopping days of the 2014.
  2. Play it safe. The holiday season means housing a lot of fire hazards. To prevent home fires this Christmas, make sure all living greenery is fresh and watered daily, never place your tree near a heat source (candles, vents, or direct sunlight), and decorate with low-heat LED lighting. Recycle your tree immediately after Christmas.
  3. preparing Christmas dinnerDelegate. Many wives and mothers feel the need to play Santa, short order cook, and maid during the holiday season. Create a to-do list and delegate in advance to prevent a stressful “I’ll do it myself” mentality this year.
  4. Share the love. After all, love truly is the reason for the season. When you start feeling stressed out this Christmas, take a break to spend time with the people you love. Chances are a quiet Christmas movie, afternoon of ice skating, or outdoor adventure with your family is just what you need to remind yourself of the peace and joy of the holiday season.

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photo from flickr